A Message from Veysel.

Welcome to the campaign!

My name is Veysel Dokur (Vai-Sell Do-Coor). I was born and raised in İstanbulTürkiye, and have been part of the community here in Florida since 2001. My siblings and I are all college graduates and I have spent the last 20 years working as a senior engineer, developing teams and leading global infrastructure projects.

The changing landscape of the US in the last two decades has made our democracy fragile. Civility has crumbled, violence increased and calls to arm our teachers are now commonplace. It brings to mind my experiences under brutal regimes in Turkey. Soldiers monitored teachers and students, books were banned, and freedom of speech taken away. Recent book banning attempts in Polk County remind me of the local police raiding my college apartment in Ankara which I shared with three other students. They took our books and filed us into the national system as “politically suspicious people”.

This type of calculated hate hurts our children hardest. Here in the US, teachers are fleeing the profession as violence in schools increases and their right to provide an honest, rounded education is curtailed by bigotry and fear.


Women’s equality is being shredded by the GOP at the same time that the alt-right is empowered.

Voting rights have been chipped away and, unchecked by his rabid base, Ron DeSantis funds his own private election police to intimidate voters.

The freedom that I sought in the United States is being taken away and I cannot just watch it happen. The horizon may seem bleak but we have the power to course correct and seek a brighter future.

I’m running to represent District 12 to protect those freedoms and expand opportunities for all in our community. We owe future generations the chance to live in a world that isn’t eroded by extreme hate or climate disasters and both are on the ballot this fall.

This election opportunity exists because of an unfair system. Districts was redrawn with the sole intention of taking power away from voters; gerrymandered districts designed to undermine the strength of your vote. Republicans are running a big lie nominee with a million dollar war chests put in place to further choke your rights once elected.

America was founded on the principle that a united people’s voice is sacred. This campaign is designed to unite those voices. Being part of any campaign shows the first important step in restoring American democracy; believing in it. Elections rely on the belief that true democracy has the power to beat dark money and cynicism. Progress comes from the people.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Send me to the Florida Senate and I will not let you down.

Together We Win!