It’s time to end the degradation of our infrastructure, common civility, public schools, and environment. I will work every day to accomplish these goals.

Our lives are not improving under the current Florida legislature. Now our Constitutional rights are under attack. We must act now. Before it’s too late! I will be your voice and fight to improve our lives everyday.

Economic Development And Jobs

Economic inequality has become an accepted status quo for working Americans when it should be our deepest concern. Cost of living increases as corporate profits pile high.

Inequality in this country is rampant and too many survive on poverty wages. Republicans have lied for decades about the existence of a trickle-down economy. We must end government handouts to large corporations and tax-cuts for the ultra-wealthy and demand better wages for our citizens. 

We should demand fair wages and common sense taxes that stimulate opportunity for families and drive economic growth for communities. Better jobs mean investing in higher education and training programs for our talent pool and future.

Affordable Housing

Housing insecurity leaves too many at the mercy of greedy landlords and skyrocketing rents. The Sadowski Fund became law in 1992 as a dedicated annual revenue source to keep affordable housing projects thriving across the state for homeownership and rentals. The GOP has callously raided this fund to keep families from finding their place in the world. 

Affordable housing should be available in any just community. A place to raise your children and call your own shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for the wealthy alone.  The next Florida Senate has the opportunity to make this a possibility and I will make it a priority so that the dream of calling somewhere home can be a reality.

Affordable Healthcare

I will fight the GOP legislators, like my opponent, who are blocking the Medicaid expansion.

Healthcare in this country is dictated by insurance companies whose bloated profits are proof of a failing system. A complex patchwork of competing systems is a waste of resources. Our current system fails families when they are hardest hit. Money we should be investing in our collective health is siphoned off to insurance companies who line the pockets of their advocates in congress and the senate. 

Expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act would give health coverage to over 1.3 million Floridians including over 400,000 who do not have realistic access to healthcare otherwise. This would directly help tens of thousands of Polk County citizens from day one!

Freedom Of Reproductive Healthcare

Freedom of Reproductive Healthcare and a woman’s right to choose is under attack! I will fight back to protect not only rape and incest victims but also our freedom to choose! Misogyny remains the lifeblood of an extreme agenda of control and ignorance. The Republican anti-abortion crusade is intended to divide and punish whilst undermining access to life-saving healthcare for women across the country. I will protect women’s rights and the fundamental American right to freedom for all.

Public Education

Public education is the cornerstone of any decent community yet our schools are expected to do too much with too little. Education funding fails to keep up with inflation and our schools suffer from a growing deficit that falls on the shoulders of teachers and families.

When we fail teachers and children, we fail the bedrock of our society.  

Teachers are fleeing the profession at a time when the value of education is at a premium – without educating the next generation, the heartstring of American innovation will be severed. It’s time to end the degradation of our public schools. I will use my voice in the Florida Senate to speak for our children and the educators who raise them up.

Clean Energy And Protecting The Environment

The climate crisis is a global emergency and we are failing future generations. I support federally funded green technologies and an end to corporate subsidies for failing fossil fuels. We can build a robust green economy and undo the damage caused by a century of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Current legislature is failing to protect Florida’s Natural Resources and beauty. I will fight back to protect them for our children and future! Our reliance on dying technologies is failing our environment and our economy. Deep green investment is essential to our future.